Steel City Chess

Steel City Chess showcases the beautiful architecture of the city of Pittsburgh using its most prominent buildings as the pieces for the set. Order now.

Pittsburgh Chess set with World Map Chess Board

Steel City Chess

A chess set showcasing the beautiful architecture of the buildings of the city of Pittsburgh as the pieces.  The pieces are made of polystone.  Polystone is made of resin mixed with pieces of stone.  It has a porcelain-like feel and creates a heavy, durable figurine with great detail.

The pieces represent the following buildings:

  • King (4.25 in) = US Steel Building
  • Queen (4.00 in) = One Mellon Center
  • Bishop (3.75 in) = One Oxford Center
  • Bishop (3.75 in) = Cathedral of Learning
  • Knight (3.50 in) = Fifth Avenue Place
  • Rook (3.50 in) = One PPG Place
  • Pawn (3.00 in) = Gulf Building

Black & Gold chess board IS included.


$ 300.00